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How to add a Shop Logo in a Email Message


Putting a shop logo in a email message adds credibility to it. This is a step to step guide to add a Shop Logo in a Email Message.


Step 1:- Login to AiTrillion

Step 2:- Go to Email Marketing > Messages.

Step 3:-  Click on the Edit button to edit the existing message. If you want to create a new message then click on the Create New Message button.

Here is the link to see how to create a new email message:- https://www.aitrillion.com/knowledgebase/create-customized-messages


Step 4:- Mouse over the email body and click on the ‘Add Block’ option as shown below in the screenshot.



Step 5:- Now, select the area where you want to place the shop logo and then click on the Shop Logo block. This will add your logo to the message.



Note: A logo can only be added if it pre-exists in the AiTrillion system. To learn more about adding a logo, click here

Step 6:-  Click on Save Changes.



Step 7:- Feel free to send a test message to ensure your settings work. You can also delete the block.



Step 8:- Once done, click on Save changes to continue making edits or Save and Close to close out of the email editing area.

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