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How to add Countdown Timer in Email Template

Countdown Timer Bar can help you add a sense of urgency to your sales events, make your customers feel they must act now to avoid missing out on something important, and drive more sales.

Adding a countdown timer in email templates is a great way to create urgency for sales, promotions, or holiday messages.

While AiTrillion doesnโ€™t have a built-in countdown timer functionality for emails, you can add these by using several third-party countdown timer generators. These services allow you to customize the timer and produce a snippet of code accordingly which can be added to the email templates.

Shopify Marketing Automation Platform

The most prevalent options to create countdown timers are Sendtric and CountdownMail.


Step 1. First, customize and generate the code of the countdown timer as per requirements from here โ€“ https://www.sendtric.com/



Step 2. Copy the link generated in the src attribute of the code.



Step 3. Login to AiTrillion and in go to create the campaign.

Step 4. Open the email editor of any particular email in which you want to add a countdown timer.

Step 5. Hover over the email body/message area and choose to add a new block and click on the image icon. (Click here to learn how to add a block). After that, paste the copied link in the Image URL as shown below:

Below is an image please check the published page for the same.


Step 6. Once done, click save!

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