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How to block and unblock Members from Loyalty Program

If you are the owner or administrator of a loyalty program on a Shopify store, you have the ability to block and unblock members from the program.

This can be useful if you need to prevent a particular member from earning or redeeming rewards, or if you want to temporarily suspend a member's account for any reason.


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Follow the steps given below to block a customer from the Loyalty program –

Step 1. Login to the AiTrillion.

Step2. Go to Loyalty Rewards > Members

Loyalty Members


Step 3. Go to the customer detail page by clicking on the icon (highlighted in the screenshot)


Step 4. Click on the Block Member button at the top right corner of the screen.

Block Loyalty Members


When a customer is blocked –

  1. They will no longer be able to earn points for completing actions at your store.
  2. Their referral link will no longer be active or usable.
  3. They will not be able to see the loyalty rewards program on your site after logging into their account.

Note: If a blocked customer is not logged into their account on your store, they will still be able to see your Loyalty Rewards Program.

You can unblock the member anytime from the customer detail page.

Check more details about – What is Loyalty Rewards Program here.

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