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How to Design Email Template Using Email Editor


Now you can easily design beautiful email templates with AiTrillion’s powerful email editor. You can design emails using the HTML editor as well as the Drag and Drop Email editor with ease. Please check the quick steps below to design email templates.


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Step 1. Login to AiTrillon.

Step 2. Go to Email Marketing > Email Templates

Design Email Templates Shopify AiTrillion


We have a collection of pre-built email templates based on certain standard criteria of email marketing. Templates can be used in two ways –

  1. Reuse pre-built or available templates by clicking the “Use Now” button.
  2. Or “Create New Template” from scratch.

Email templates gallery Shopify AiTrillion


Step 3. If you want to create a new template, click on the Create New Template button at the top-right corner of the screen. Then, click on the Design Editor.


Step 4. The Email Template Editor will now appear. Mouse over the message body, and click on the + icon in the bar that appears, to add a block of your choice.


edit language112121


Here is what each block means:

Shop Logo: Use this block to add your logo to the email. The logo used will be the one that is currently entered into the AiTrillion system.

Text: Use this block to add simple text to your email

Image: Use this block to add to your email, a single image with its title, URL, and Alt text.

Image Group: Use this block to add to your email, multiple images with titles, URLs, and Alt text.

Image + Text: Use this block to add to your email, a single image with a title, URL, Alt data, and associated text material. Layout settings can be adjusted as well.

Image + Text Group: Use this block to add to your email, two images, each with a title, URL, and Alt data and associated text. Layout settings can be adjusted as well.

Social Follow: This block can be used to allow the email reader to look at various social media channels you are on and also to follow you there.

Products: This block can be used to add a set of products to your email. For example, you are sending an email to your regular customers and including in that email a block of the latest trending products.

Pre-Header Text: Use this block to add a pre-header text to your email. A preheader text is a short teaser sentence that the recipient sees in the email preview.

Note: If you have already added the block but need to make changes, mouse over the email body and choose the edit option. Feel free to make background changes too!

edit block


Step 5. After customizing the template, if you want, send a test email. If not, save your changes.

Note: These custom-designed templates will be visible in the saved tab.

Need Help?

Hope you find the guide helpful! If you have any feedback then please feel free to share it in the comments below.

Also, check our features page to know more about our marketing automation app- AiTrillion.

However, if you have any doubts or queries then reach us here. If you are interested in our app and want to check it by yourself then request a demo.



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