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How customers can redeem Loyalty Points?

Loyalty programs often allow customers to earn points for every purchase they make, which they can then redeem for rewards such as discounts, free products, or special perks.

First, you need to set up Rewards for customers which can be used by the customers for redeeming points.

You can offer the below rewards to your customers:-

  1. Money Off
  2. Percentage Discount
  3. Free Shipping
  4. Free Product
  5. Product Discount
  6. Exchange points on the cart page (Cart Widget Point)

Rewards created will be visible to the customer when they are logged in.


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Below are the steps for the customers to redeem points by accessing the rewards tab available on the site:

Step 1. Customers will log in to your store and click on the Loyalty Reward button, to open the loyalty reward popup. It will show their available balance points.

Step 2. Customers will see all rewards created, in this tab.


Step 3. Click on Get Rewards button for which the customer wants to redeem points.


Click on the Yes button in the confirmation pop-up.

Step 4. After getting a reward, the customer will have a unique discount coupon code that can be used at checkout for getting a discount.




Second, If required, the admin can create and add a shortcode of the cart widget in cart.liquid file within the theme code so that customers can enter their loyalty points and redeem them. Below are some screenshots for creating the widget:

Go to Loyalty Rewards > Redeem Points. Then click on the Click To Create and do as shown in the snapshot.

Loyalty Program Shopify - Redeem Points


Redeem Points - Money Off

Below are the steps for the customers to redeem points at the cart:

Step 1. As a customer, log in to the store.

Step 2. Add products to the cart. From the cart, page points can be redeemed.


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