How Does Membership Work For Customers At Frontend?


 After integrating the AAA Membership Subscription app on your store, customers can follow the below-mentioned steps for the subscription –

Step 1. Visit the page where the membership subscription Form/Button is available on the website.

membership forntend1

Step 2. Fill all the required fields and click on Subscribe Now button

membership forntend2

Step 3. After a successful subscription, they will have to log in to their account from the Shopify login page as a member.

membership forntend3

Step 4. Now, they will be able to see the membership plan details on the My Account page and access the restricted pages (if any).

membership forntend4

Note: If a customer subscriber to more than one membership plans, then he/she can see all the plans he subscribes to in the list.

membership forntend5

Step 5. Click on the Transaction link will show the list of all transaction for a particular plan

membership forntend6

membership forntend7

Step 6. Click on the Order link will show the list of all Order for a particular plan (if any)

membership forntend8

membership forntend9

Step 7. Click on the Add Card button to add a new credit card.

membership forntend10

Step 8. Click on the Cancel Membership button to cancel the membership.

membership forntend11

When you cancel the membership, they will still get the benefits until the subscription period end.

For example – If any member subscribed on the 5th of the month on the recurring monthly plan ( Subscription cycles 5th to 5th ) and if he cancels in between for example cancel membership on the 20th, then you will still get the benefits until the subscription end i.e. 5th of the coming month.

Please Note – If you are a new user and subscribe for the membership our app will create a Shopify account.

If you already have an account on Shopify Store and subscribe for the membership, then our app automatically detects the user and doesn’t create any separate account. You can log in with your existing credentials ( Email id & Password ) our app doesn’t overwrite the password.

The reason behind this is due to security purposes. if someone knows any customer email id then he/she can change the password of the customer by subscribing using someone else’s email id.