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How to send an automatic email when someone visits a certain product

AiTrillion can be used to automatically email your customer if they have visited a certain product on your store.

Step 1: Login to AiTrillion and then go to email Marketing > Workflow Automation > Workflows

Step 2: Now click on Create

Step 3: Drag the Product Visit trigger to the My Workflow area and then click on it

Step 4: Enter the tag you have created in Shopify in the left trigger configuration area. For multiple tags, enter a tag and click add. Once you are happy, click done.

Note: the tags have to be pre-entered in the product in Shopify. 

Step 5: Click on the filter and actions tabs to drag and drop actions in the workflow area. Clicking on the filter or actions in the 'my workflow' area will help you configure it. 

Step 6: Once you are done give your workflow a name, choose your throttling options, save it and turn it on.