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How to send an automatic email based on a certain date like Birthday or anniversary

With AiTrillion you can now send an automatic emails with our date property trigger that will help you send an automatic email on a certain date. Options include birthdate, Customer created date, first order date and last order date.

Step 1: Login to AiTrillion and then go to email Marketing > Workflow Automation > Workflows

Step 2: Now click on Create

Step 3: Drag the date property trigger to the My Workflow area and then click on it to configure it. When ready, click done. 

Step 4: Once done, drag an action of your choice to the 'my workflow' area and click on the action to configure it. Note: You can use multiple actions and filter combinations. When all settings are done, connect the dots, give your workflow a name, save it, and turn it on!

Remember not to use contact throttling options here.