How To Set Up A Tag For Free Trial Customer’s?

AAA Membership + Subscription app gives you an option to set up a free trial tag for your customer’s


Follow the below steps for guidance –

Step 1. Log in to the Shopify store and go to Apps > AAA Membership Subscription.
Step 2. Choose Add Paid Plan

Formbuilder free trial 1

Step 3. Add plan details, includes

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Plan Status: (Active or Deactivate)
Payment type: 
Stripe or PayPal
Plan Type: 
One Time / Recurring
Plan Name: 
Membership name for internal use.

Plan Tag: It will get assigned to the Shopify customer who will subscribe to any particular plan.
Plan Interval: 
A membership plan of a particular time interval will be created.
Currency code: 
The currency code of the plan amount can be added.
Plan Amount: 
The amount for the membership plan can be added here.

Step 4. Enabled the Free trial option to activate

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Step 5. Set up your free trial ( in days ) for your member’s and the Free trial tag name

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Step 6. Continue with the plan creation process with the link below

How to setup Recurring Membership app?

Step 7. Once the plan is created and post if any customers subscribe to your plan which has a free trial option, they will get tagged automatically for the same.

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