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How to setup Product Review Gallery

A product review gallery is a feature on an e-commerce website that displays a collection of customer reviews and ratings for a particular product.

This can be a valuable resource for customers who are considering purchasing the product, as it allows them to read and learn from the experiences of other customers who have already purchased and used the product.

The product review gallery is typically located on the product detail page for the product, and it will usually be located near the bottom of the page, below the product description and any questions and answers that have been submitted for the product. The review gallery will typically include a list of customer reviews, along with the customer's name, location, and rating for the product.

Feature Overview
The product review gallery widget will show all product reviews on one page



Shopify Marketing Automation Platform


Follow the steps mentioned below to set up a product review gallery:

Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

Step 2.  Go to Product Reviews > Review Widgets > Product Review Gallery


Step 3. Update settings for this gallery, as per your requirements. Remember to check out the preview of what things will look like, on your right.


Step 4. Copy the shortcode

<div id="egg-product-all-reviews"></div>

Step 5. Go to Shopify admin > Online Store > Pages. Then add a new page

Step 6. Give a title to the page accordingly.

Step 7. Click on the button with “<>” for the HTML mode of the editor then paste the copied code and Save the page.


Overall, the product review gallery can be a valuable resource for customers and can help to build trust and credibility for the product and the e-commerce website. It can also provide valuable feedback for the store owner and help them improve the product and customer experience.

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