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A Quick setup of Loyalty Reward Program

 Engage more customers with earn points and redeeming points set up in your reward program. This is a step-to-step guide to setting up the loyalty program of your store.

Watch  a 5mins loyalty setup video:

HubSpot Video


Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

Step 2. Go to Loyalty Rewards > Set up program >  Earn Points.

Earn Points-1

You can give loyalty points to the customers when they perform activities in your store (below is an example).

  1. Make a Purchase – 1 point = $1
  2. Create an Account – 50 points
  3. Refer a Friend – 50 points (Referrer will get 50 points and friends will get a discount code of 5% when they purchase a minimum of $50)
  4. Visit Store – 10 points
  5. Happy Birthday – 20 points
  6. Leave a Review – 20 points
  7. Facebook Share – 10 points
  8. Allow Push Notification – 20 points

Step 3. Go to Loyalty Rewards > Set up program > Redeem Points

Redeem point menu

You can create rewards so the customer can redeem their loyalty points and generate the discount code (below is an example).

  1. 5% off on redemption of 100 points
  2. 15% off on redemption of 200 points
  3. $5 off on redemption of 100 points
  4. Free shipping on the redemption of 1000 points


Step 4. Go to Loyalty Rewards > Display On Store

Display button & popup

You can set up the loyalty widget for your store from here like color branding, position, and ext.

Once done, make sure your loyalty program is enabled from here on the dashboard.

Check more details about – What is Loyalty Rewards Program here.

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