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Setup A Sales Motivator Bar





    A Sales motivator bar motivates your customers to buy more from the store and increases your store profitability without burning extra money.

    Follow the steps given below to set up a Sales Motivator bar in your store

    Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

    Step 2. Go to Announcement Bar > Dashboard.


    Step 3. Click on the Create New button.

    Note: Make sure the App Status is enabled.

    Step 4. A popup will appear, Give the name of the bar and select Sales Motivator Bar from the dropdown and click on the Save button.


    Step 5. Select any predefined template of your choice and edit it accordingly.


    Step 6. Click on the Content tab and customize the content of the bar as per your needs.


    Step 7. Click on the Design tab and customize the look and feel of the sales motivator bar as per your requirements.


    Step 8. Click on the Behaviour tab and specify settings as per your needs. You can also schedule a Sales Motivator Bar for a specific date range.


    Step 9. Enable the bar and click on the Save button to save the sales motivator bar.