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How to setup Featured Reviews Slider On Page

A featured reviews slider is a section of an online store or web page that displays a rotating selection of reviews that have been highlighted as being particularly helpful or interesting.

The featured reviews slider will typically include a number of different elements, such as the review text, the reviewer's name, and location, and the date the review was submitted. It may also include the reviewer's rating for the product and any images or videos that were included with the review.


Step 1. Log in to AiTrillion

Step 2. Go to Product Reviews > Review Widgets > Review Slider Widget

Step 3. Update the slider settings as per your needs and click on the Save Settings button.

Step 4. Copy the shortcode provided here.

Step 5. From your Shopify admin, go to Pages > Add Page and give a title to the page. Note: If you are tech-savvy, you can use an existing page too. You can also get our support team to assist. Simply chat with us or write to us at support@aitrillion.com!

Step 6. Click on the button with “<>” for the HTML mode of the editor and paste the copied code there and save.

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