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Setup Product And Store Reviews

Setting up product and store reviews on an e-commerce website can be a valuable marketing tool. It can help to build trust and credibility for your products and your store, and it can provide valuable feedback and insights.

You can easily set up a review collection and showcase it in your store. This is a step-to-step guide for the setup.

Watch a quick video to learn more about product reviews in AiTrillion:


Step 1: Enable the Review Module: Click on Product Reviews > Dashboard > Enable App Status Slider


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Step 2: Customize the review program by updating review settings and customizing the review button

From the sidebar navigation menu, go to Product Reviews > Settings > General Settings

Now, customize your settings according to your needs under General Settings and Button/popup settings as shown in the screenshot below, and Save.

Customized Button Example:

Refer to this article to learn more about how to customize the site review button.

Setup Review Widgets 

Collect & display customer reviews to increase your trust as well as conversion rate. Stand out from your competitors and out-win your customers by displaying your reviews & ratings below each link in search results.

Setup Product Review Gallery 

Refer to this article to set up a product review gallery.

Setup Site Review Gallery

Refer to this article to set up a site review gallery.

Setup Featured Reviews Slider on Page

Refer to this article to set up the featured reviews slider on a page

Setup Question & Answer Feature

Gather the insights you need by customizing review forms including questions specific to your audience. Curious customers can be satisfied with the question & answer feature. They can communicate with existing customers.

Refer to this article to enable the Q&A feature

Setup Review Email

Send review request email after purchase. Review request email is 100% responsive from mobile devices to allow reviews on the go. Customize emails with your own colors and logo to help build brand recognition and loyalty.

Refer to this article to send a review request email after the purchase

Setup Product Review Reminders Emails

Send email reminders to your customers for product reviews.

Refer to this article to setup product review reminders emails


1. Product reviews form automatically gets injected/added in the theme code. There is no need to show the reviews form on the product page manually. If the review form is required somewhere else on the website then the shortcode available can be added manually in the theme code.

2. Review reminder email settings that get enabled automatically. If required, enable/disable it accordingly.

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