Send mass SMS campaign

Use SMS Marketing to engage with your customers when they are not in store. Send offers, events registrations and product campaigns directly on phones.

Steps -  

  1. Go to the SMS module. Click on campaigns. Click on the ‘Create’ button to create a new campaign. 

  2. Add relevant campaign name.

  3. Choose lists/segments to select the audience for the campaign. Click on save the selected audience.

    You can choose lists/segments to exclude audiences who should not be part of the campaign. 

4. Create message / select templates from the select template option.


You can use the ‘Pre-approved’ templates in the campaign.

5. You have the real-time preview of the SMS to verify how it would look on your customer’s phone.


6. Click on Send to Review the campaign and send it to the selected audience.
    You can schedule a time in the future to send it later. 

9. Go to the dashboard to check the status and reports of the campaign.

Does the help doc solve your queries? Please talk to our support team in case of queries. 


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