Send SMS notifications using Workflow Automation

Send SMS messages automatically as a part of the AiTrillion Workflow Automation

Note: To learn how to create workflow automation manually or to use a pre-created template check out this basic's article: The Basics of Multichannel Workflow Automation with AiTrillion. 

Step 1. When creating workflow automation in AiTrillion, once you have chosen your trigger, simply drag and drop the 'Send SMS' action from the actions palette into the flow creation area. This can be in addition to an existing action or to replace the existing action itself, 

Step 2. You can then click on the SMS action box, choose your message, then choose the workflow throttling options. 

Step 3. Once done, give your workflow a name and turn it on via the flick switch. 

Note: SMS's will only be sent to contacts having complete phone number with country code. Additionally the contacts must be from a country that AiTrillion supports for SMS Marketing. Here is a list of those countries: Countries supported by AiTrillion for SMS marketing